Carpet Care

One of the Moreno operations managers will assess your carpet and suggest the most economical and effective procedures necessary to maintain the desired level of cleanliness.

  • Truck mount extraction

  • Dry chemical cleaning

  • Portable extraction

  • Surface spin bonnet cleaning

  • Rotary shampoo

  • Carpet protection

Hard Surface Floor Care

Our utility crews are skilled and trained to provide washing, waxing and deep cleaning of the following hard floor surfaces:

  • Synthetic tiles

  • Ceramic tiles

  • Natural stones

  • Cement

  • Hard wood

  • ESD - Floors

  • Raised computer floor


Moreno & Associates Inc., has made the investment by purchasing state of the art equipment necessary to clean and protect furniture both commercial and residential. We can clean and protect cubbies both new and used. One of our operations representatives will evaluate your furniture and recommend the most economical and effective process you need to keep them clean and protected.


Yes, we also do windows! Our specialty crews provide window washing services to facilities two stories and below. Of course we go as high as you do from the inside of the building. We also maintain a subcontractor relationship with a multiple qualified high-rise window washers. We can be your single source window washing company!

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing services is a specialty that our company offers through our utility crew. Moreno & Associates, Inc. works in compliance with all OSHA requirements within all aspects of pressure washing. We can pressure wash the following:

  • Sidewalk

  • Deck

  • Playground

  • Parking Lot

  • Building

  • Warehouse

Flood Response

Sometimes it rains too hard. Sometimes a pipe breaks. Find yourself standing in a pool of water? Contact our emergency response line 24/7 and our team will be dispatched to your facility within 1 hour, guaranteed.