Our company provides 24/7 custodial services. You tell us when you need your facility cleaned and we will schedule services. A trained, uniformed custodial will clean your facility according to a tailored specification designed by our management team for your building. Traditionally, a janitor is responsible for the basic housekeeping within a facility. All tasks, such as removing trash, sanitizing restrooms, sweeping and mopping all hard floors and dusting horizontal surfaces will be incorporated within your tailored janitorial specifications.

Day Porters

Our company can provide a day porter or matron to your facility as well. Porters generally work during the day and assist with various housekeeping needs such as checking restrooms and cafeterias, stocking coffee and water stations, assisting with trash removal and even working the mailroom. A Moreno management team member can evaluate your needs, make suggestions, and design specifications to provide the necessary manpower for the job.


Every cleanroom is unique and requires different services. We are experts in all types and styles of cleanrooms and can build a customized program based on your requirements.